The Gjornâl Furlan des Siencis or Friulian Journal of Science (JFS) is one of the strategic goals of the Friulian Scientific and Technological Society. The JFS is structured in three sections presenting:

  • original work, in Friulian and English, to share with researchers all over the world;
  • reviews (in Friulian only) on relevant issues;
  • book reviews.

Today English is the language used for international scientific communication. Before Second World War this role belonged to German. The issue of language is irrelevant. What is relevant to researchers is communication of new contents.

Besides English, researchers also use their native languages when working or teaching. For example, French is spoken in laboratories and teaching settings in France. Similarly, German is spoken in laboratories and teaching settings in German, Dutch in the Flemish region of Belgium, Catalan in Catalunia, etc. Therefore, many Friulian researchers have considered using Friulian in our laboratories, schools and Universities.But to do this and, above all, to teach science, we needed a scientific journal which, besides reports and case studies, also presented with the newly-coined technical words with which science comes up every day. The Friulian Journal of Science is a powerful sign for all researchers that Friulian is a lively language. Researchers are warmly invited to contribute to the JFS so as to make it a key reference for the scientific community and research in Friuli.

The scientific director

 Antonino Morassi