Friulian language and culture can only expand if Friulian becomes a communication means for one of the main features of modernity, i.e. science Despite the fact that the international scientific community uses English for communication, across the different countries the national languages are used for teaching and development of science and technology. On the basis of this assumption, the SSTeF was founded.
The SSTeF is an independent association made up of researchers, scholars and professionals working in different scientific and technological fields who have develppment of Friulian language and culture at heart. The aim of SSTeF is to promote the development of research and knowledge dissemination in Friulian. SSTeF supports any project concerning the application of information technology to Friulian; it carries out activities to study, safeguard, and promote biodiversity in the Friulian region; it supports the publication of scholarly books in Friulian and their translation into English; it grants scholarships to researchers who want to publish their studies in Friulian too; it has relationships with Friulian institutions and companies involved in scientific and technological research.
The President
Marzi di Strassolt


SSTeF carries out research and knowledge dissemination primarily in Friuli but it also supports activities in other regions and countries. SSTeF mainly concerned with:

  • exact sciences (mathematics, computer science, physics, statistics, etc.)
  • nature sciences (chemistry, biology, geology, psychology, etc.)
  • health sciences (medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy, etc.)
  • technological sciences (engineering, agrofood sector, architecture, etc.)
  • economic sciences, social sciences and humanistics with a scientific approach (economics, management, sociology, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, juridical sciences, etc.)
  • scientific journalism

SSTeF publishes the Gjornâl Furlan des Siencis / Friulian Journal of Science, a scientific Friulian-English journal accepting original research articles and less specialist articles about the most advanced scientific and technological disciplines. All papers are available in two languages (Friulian-English).

Every year a Seminar is held to give SSTeF members the opportunity to present their most significant findings.