Friulian Journal of Science

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Ricercjis Alessandra Burelli, Plurilingual education in Friulian schools Sandro Sillani, Franco Rosa, Federico Nassivera, Measuring the reactivity of bilingual consumers to an alternative use of languages: a case study for the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia Marianna Stella, Perceived immigration. A case study for the municipality of Pozzuolo


Ricercjis Daniele Goi, Dario B. Giaiotti and Fulvio Stel, Numerical modelling for air quality assessment and management Valentina Cabbai, Michela Simonetti e Daniele Goi, Anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge with OFMSW Patrizio Nussio and Tommaso Zaratin, A technologic water corridor Stefania Troiano and Francesco Marangon, Payments for Ecosystem Services in favour of landscape and […]


Researches Alessandra Burelli, Frakeki. Friulian language literacy in preadolescent children Matteo Nicolini, Paolo Cassina, Massimo Battiston, Optimal pressure management in water networks: increased efficiency and reduced energy costs Alessandro Coccolo, The “Ponte di Muro” bridge on a disused railway line at Dogna, Udine, and its recent conversion to cycle use Alfonsina Pappacena, Development of […]


Romano Locci, Bruna Petrolini Baldan, On the spore formation process in actinomycetes Romano Locci, Chestnut blight: an epidemic checked by biological control Researches Alessandro Bachiorrini, Ancient fibulae and contemporary scientific riddles


Researches Stefania Troiano, The use of incentives for the promotion of agro-energy production in rural development planning in Friuli Venezia Giulia Alessandro Pascolini, Scientific and technological challenges posed by the perspective of a world free of nuclear weapons


Researches Lorena Pizzale, Ornella Boschelle, Lanfranco Conte, On the presence of cholesterol oxides (COPs) in ham Lorenzo Marcolini, Marisa Michelini, Alberto Stefanel, Rossana Viola, SUPERCOMET Projects in Udine


Researches Domenico Visintini, The Roman Thermae and the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia analyzed by modern techniques of surveying and representation Cesare Davini, Roberto Paroni, Eric Puntel, A rigorous justification of design formulas for torsion in thin profiles Linda Picco, The “Sportis” project: promotion of the Friulian language and investigations on the mental images […]


Researches Michele Dilena, Antonino Morassi, An inverse problem in structural diagnostics: damage identification in rods based on natural frequency and antiresonant frequency measurements Emanuela Torelli, Romano Locci, Is there ochratoxin A in “passito” dessert wines from Friuli? Survays Lorenzo Marcolini, On the origin of Einstein’s electromagnetic radiation theory


Researches Sandro Sillani, Producers’ quality policies and retailers’ pricing: Honey a case study Giorgio T. Bagni, Carlo Cecchini, Francesca Copetti, Teaching and learning mathematics in a bilingual situation Emanuela Gobbi, Romano Locci, An electronic nose to evaluate fungal contamination Manola Romanò, Alessandra Burelli, Emotional uneasiness perceived by parents of children with specific language impairment


Researches Lorenzo Marcolini, Photovoltaic electric energy from laboratory to ended plant. A first look on the results collected after the first Friuli Venezia Giulia public announcements Paolo Corelli, Positive observation of the 209 Dido asteroidal occultation of March 10, 2005


Researches Carlo Cecchini, Matteo Fogale, An experience in multilingual mathematics teaching Giorgio Bressan, Valter Gennaro, Dario Giaiotti, Fulvio Stel, Ground measurements of the Earth Electric Field Lucia Franz, Alessandro Tavano, Development of syntactic comprehension and production in Friulian-Italian bilingual children Survays Jean A. Rondal, Another way from behavior onto the brain and the genes […]


Researches  Romano Locci, Chestnut blight: an epidemic checked by biological control  Alessandro Coccolo, Enrico Artini, Rockfall mitigation using a new probabilistic technique in the Cavazzo lake area  Ilaria Cimarosti, Cristiano Roselli Della Rovere, Daniele Goi, Mathematical models for wastewater treatment plants: first applications in Friuli Survays  Daniela Perani, Functional neuroimaging and the bilingual brain


Researches  Alberto Stefanel, Marisa Michelini, Renzo Ragazzon, Lorenzo Santi, Quantum physics in secondary school  Franc Fari, Epilepsy and Literary creativeness: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky  Sandro Sillani, Franco Rosa, Strategies of nonconventional Market segmentation: the consequences of the use of local language in a hypermarket


Researches  Ferdinando Patat, Giovanni Carraro, Martino Romaniello, Serendipitous discovery of a tidal tail in NGC632  Dario Giaiotti, Fulvio Stel, The Analysis of the Thunderstorm Forecasts on the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Plain  Federica Mauro, Alessandra Burelli, Assessment of the linguistic development of Friulian-Italian bilingual children